Dongsung Corporation intends to be reborn as a global organic peroxide manufacturer by adding a new category on top of currently manufacturing
organic peroxides.

Dongsung Corporation, located in Yeosu Industrial Complex of Korea, has been producing organic peroxides since 1990, with current 3,500MT/yr.
Its products are mainly used as polymerization initiators for PVC, LDPE, ABS, acrylic resin, curing agent for solid surface and UPE, cross-linking agent for
photovoltaic EVA, and polymer modifier for PP, etc.

One of the two upcoming products, Dicumyl peroxide(Chemex DCP) is used as cross-linking agent in Wire & Cable, flame retardant in EPS, and foaming
agent for EVA sole and rubber. Another new product is Cumyl hydroperoxide (Chemex CHP), and is used as initiator for ABS. Production capacity of each
products will be 6,000MT/yr for Chemex-DCP, and 11,000MT/yr for Chemex-CHP, bring up the total organic peroxide of Dongsung Corporation to ca.

This investment will allow Dongsung Corporation to become the first company in Korea to localize Dicumyl peroxide(Chemex DCP) and Cumene
hydroperoxide(Chemex CHP), as they have been relying on importation only. Furthermore, it is expected to maximize Dongsung’s brand value through
external growth by entering markets overseas.

** New Products  

Since the commencement of organic peroxide business in 1990, Dongsung Corporation has been playing substantial roles in the astonishing growth of the
high-tech chemical industry in Korea. Dongsung Corporation develops and produces organic peroxides, including polymerization initiators such as LDPE,
PVC, PS, ABS, Acrylate and Paint Resin, Crosslinking agent, Curing agent, Reforming agent and the organic peroxides of the Butyl group that are extensively used in the special synthesis industry, those in the Hyxyl and Octa groups.Dongsung Corporation is devoted to exploiting new application areas and
developing new products for satisfying of the varied demands of our customers. On the basis of such endeavors, Dongsung Corporation supplies ideal
solutions with the best products and technologies for our clients.

** List of Organic Peroxides  
** Applications of Organic Peroxides  
Ester Type
Carbonate Type
Acyl Type
Ketal Type
Alkyl Type
Ester Type
Ester Type
Ketal Type
Alkyl Type
Ketal Type
Alkyl Type