Product Description
Other name m-Phthaloyl Chloride
CAS No. 99-63-8
Molecular formula C8H4Cl2O2
Molecular weight 203.02

IPC(IPCL, ICL) is a difunctional acid chloride used in a variety of performance polymers and fibers, where it is valued for flame resistance, temperature stability, chemical resistance, and flexibility. In addition, it is an effective stabilizer for urethane prepolymers due to its ability to scavenge water. IPC is a clear water-white liquid above its melting point and a white crystalline solid at room temperature.

Property White flake, Molten liquid
Melting point 43℃
Purity 99%
Solubility Soluble in methylene chloride and other organic solvents

Package : 250Kg/drum, ISO tanks

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